Transitioning from college opposition to the real world.

This happened at Bethune Cookman’s College graduation. I find it difficult to understand why someone would show up at a college graduation ceremony to disrespect a speaker invited to address the graduating class. There is a time and place to voice your opposition to a person’s policies or views.
The graduation ceremony is not the time or place to rain on the parade of other attendees who are there to celebrate the graduation ceremony. It would have been an act of decorum for those disagreeing with the choice of guest speaker to have stayed away from the occasion. That would have been a demonstration of their maturity and respect for others over their selfish actions to be disruptive. Turning their backs on the guest speaker was just disrespectful, disgraceful, distasteful, and disgusting. I am adding this addendum: These same graduates are going to enter the world of work where they are going to come across those who are their taskmasters. They will learn to subject themselves to their superiors or suffer under their superior’s mighty hand depending upon how fast they learn what it means to go along with a view or policy with which they disagree. The alternative is to leave or quit determined by the issue of whether you need to sustain yourself financially or turn your back on your economic survival based upon misguided principles.