Selftips, Tips, Trips, and Fails

When shopping, keep in mind that, for your security, you should park your vehicle in well-lite open areas. Never leave packages, tablets, or anything of value in visible site within your vehicle. You should place all items in the trunk of your vehicle.

Do comparative shopping. For example, if you are looking for a remote radio controlled device, look for competitive pricing. Free shipping is another thing that you should look for when shopping online as well.

Avoid shopping in places where your identity can be compromised. If you are going to relatively unfamiliar places to eat or shop, try using cash instead of your credit or debit card.

Keep your receipts where you can retrieve them in the event of returning faulty merchandise.

Never send cash through the mail or in packages. It is always better to send money to someone through payment services like or by using gift cards instead.

When sending packages, make sure to protect the items instead with sufficient packing material to avoid breakage on route to the destination. Even when you write fragile or glass on packages, the package could be crushed by heavier packages. Therefore, keep this precaution in mind when mailing your precious items.